Tourism is the world’s biggest industry. It encompasses not only accommodations in all their various styles; transportation from trains, planes and automobiles to jeepnies, tuk-tuks and camel trains; tour operators and travel agents; tourist boards and convention centers, but also restaurants, attractions, guides, and all the technology and service providers that tourists rely on.

Tourism is complex and rapidly changing environment. One that operates on local and global levels – each affecting the other. The interaction between what happens on your stretch of beach and how tourist trends change half a world away is critical for your success.

Owen Organization has been providing advice and consultancy to the tourism industry for over 20 years, in multiple industry sectors and locations. Projects as large as the simultaneous opening of multiple sales locations across the USA to assisting a specialized travel insurance company to tailor their services to a niche market.

Formed by Martin Owen, an industry veteran with over 45 years experience across different disciplines of the travel and tourism complex, Owen Organization can draw on the opinions and skills of experts across the world.