Conexión Florida – January

Here’s the Conexión article for January 2019. Hope you enjoy it!

First and foremost: “Happy New Year!” I hope your holiday period was enjoyable and that you enjoy a happy and prosperous 2019.

What will the New Year bring us from a tourism point of view? I have been looking at the trends, doing some crystal ball gazing, and talking to others in the tourism and hospitality business to get a feel for the next twelve months. Here’s what I see…

Trends are exactly that, things that have been happening for a while and are getting more noticeable. The travel and tourism industry is one of constant evolution as new technology, changes in fashion, and demographics influence the how, why, and where we travel.

If you’ve stayed in hotels recently, or for those of us who work in hotels, you would have been only too aware that the old room key has all but disappeared. Do you remember the keys with a tag that promised that the hotel would pay the postage if you forgot to hand in the key at the end of your stay?………..

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